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This video selection has been updated to cover some of Bachmann's most popular Narrow Gauge G Scale Steam Engines courtesy of Bachmann YouTube. They feature important information on how to maintain these particular locomotives but the procedures could be equally applied to similar models from the Bachmann range.

The Bachmann Baldwin 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive is probably the most popular model in the company's Large Scale range and epitomises the growth of railroad in the USA.

Baldwin's first 4-6-0 did not actually appear until 1852. Through the 1860s and into the 1870s, demand for the 4-6-0 grew as more railroads switched from purchasing a single, general-purpose type of locomotive (at that time, the 4-4-0), to acquiring locomotives for specific purposes.

Both the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) were early adopters of the 4-6-0, using them for fast freight and heavy passenger trains. One of the B&O's 4-6-0 locomotives, built in 1869, is preserved at the B&O Railroad Museum . Another is at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis (information courtesy of Wikipedia).

Unfortunately the Bachmann 38 Ton Shay is no longer in production but marked a major change in the development of higher quality1:20.3 Scale Spectrum products featuring metal drives, can motors and superior detailing. The firm's latest Narrow Gauge 55 Ton 3 Truck Shays, K-27, Articulated Baldwin 2-6-6-2 Saddle Tank and Forney are real works of art.