I believe this to be a video of Aquarius C on the  the island of Ruegen at Pressnitztalbahn.

 Mores scenes from the

Bialosliwie - Poborka steam train in Poland.

Scenes from the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway Easter Steam Gala 2011 featuring:

- Jinty 47406 from the Great Central Railway, the first steam loco to face south on a scheduled passenger train on the line since November 1961
-" Bellerophon" - probably the oldest working steam locomotive in the world (1874)
- 'Peckett' loco No 1438 from the Corus Steelworks at Scunthorpe
- And the LWR's resident loco 'Fulstow'.
For more information on Bellerophon : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/foxfield/bellerophon.htm 

The Children's Railway is located in the hilly outskirts of Budapest, on the right side of the river Danube. It is operated by children aged 10-14 under the supervision of adult railway attendants. Services are operated every day -- except for Mondays from September to April -- from the morning to the evening. Special heritage services are scheduled at most weekends. 

Something a bit different. A Vintage tourist train from Kingston to Fairlight on the southern shore of Lake Whakatipu,near Queenstown, New Zealand. The 4-6-2 featured is apparently known local;ly as the "Kingston Flyer". Original line ran from Kingston to Gore where it joined the main line to Invercargill. Steamers then took passengers to Queenstown. Locomotive AB 778 built in Addington workshops, Christchurch, in 1925. The carriages date from 1898.Some of the external shots were provided by Christian Meyer,Geneva 

"The Kingston Flyer"

Another video made from extracts from the video/DVD produced as a Tribute to Russell Glendinning. It is a promotional video which can be purchased either on the Kingston Flyer railway at Kingston, New Zealand. (Not far from Queenstown) or from our website. Full details of this 74 minute full length movie is available at: www.whitebusfamily.co.nz 



San Di crossing on the Jingpeng Pass. A pair of Qjs catch the last rays of sun on a westbound freight. Because of the loops on the pass the train is travelling east at this point. Dec 2003 

A documentary about Teresa Cristina Railroad in 70's by David Corbitt.. the rare footage shows the early steam power at that time. Heavy Texas and Santa Fe types hauling coal from the mines to the Imbituba docks and a termoeletrical station.. EFDTC - Estrada de Ferro Dona Teresa Cristina is a meter gauge railroad with 164km of extension located in south of Brazil. The railroad was modernised by diesels in 90's.  


Mallet locomotive storming up Brocken Mountain near Drei Annen Hohnein drifting snow, February 9, 2007 


More action from the Harz Mountain Railway. This is a train leaving Drei Annen Hohne on the Brocken Mountain branch, May 2007, with standard 2-10-2T locomotive. Main line to Nordhausen Nord is on the right.

Narrow Gauge Steam operations in Huanan, China. 


Narrow Gauge military train lines in France - World War One French Trains - Archive footage.

Something really special. A meet of  2 1/2" scale / 7.5 inch gauge live steam locomotives at Bitter Creek Western in Arroyo  Grande, CA.