If you intend to create a layout based on North American Railroad practice these videos of garden railways in the USA should provide some inspiration and ideas. Many of them cope with far greater extremes of climate than we experience in the UK.

The one on the bottom-left shows an LGB Mallet climbing 7.2% grades over trestles, over a waterfall, through a tunnel, and under bushes. Train sound and smoke. 

The video on the bottom-right features another Mallet with sound and a "small" coal train going over the MLS Canyon Bridge, 25ft long and 7ft high North Table Creek GRR 1:29 scale club group.

There are plenty of others to give you food for thought.

Just click on any video to view.

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad -  COLORADO & WESTERN 

This is the phenomenal world of the Colorado & Western Railroad, created by Master Modeller Barry Bogs. It is located in Spring, Texas.


This is the Longest G Scale Train on being pulled initially by a single USA Trains Big Boy locomotive and later by six Aristo-Craft Dash 9's (although 2 would probably have done the job).

Every one of the 152 cars had the plastic wheels changed out to metal rolling bearing wheels and axles and LGB couplers were changed out to body mounted Kadee couplers. These changes alone almost doubled the weight of each car but added to the realism.

All locomotives are being powered by online batteries remotely controlled using AirWire.The owner
says that Big Boy could have pulled more than the 152 cars but some of the couplers kept failing. The pressure of 406 pounds on the first 20 cars is tremendous! If the coupler problem could be solved it is possible that the Big Boy could be pulling close to 200 cars all by itself!

The Palo Verde and Southwestern RR really lends itself to pulling these long trains. It has extremely long straight stretches (there is one straight-a-way @ 297 feet and another one @ 274 feet). All of the curved track has 20' diameter curves or greater is super elevated so pulling long trains around the layout is very smooth.