In a surprise move (at least to me!) and after many years of allegiance to their own proprietary steel alloy track Bachmann USA have released new G Scale 45mm (1.77 inches) Gauge Brass Track made in China . The geometry appears to be based on on popular existing brands such as LGB, Aristo-craft and USA Trains and whilst clearly based on North American Narrow Gauge track, should be compatible with most Code 332 track systems.

Initial releases include:

Cat.No. 94651   One-foot straight - 12 pack

Cat.No. 94652   Three-foot straight - 12 pack

Cat.No. 94653   Four-foot diameter curve - 12 pack

Cat.No. 94654   Five-foot diameter curve - 12 pack

Cat.No. 94655   Eight-foot diameter curve - 16 pack


The dark brown ties (sleepers) are ultra-violet protected against heat and sunshine. Spacing and dimensions seem to be based on U.S. prototype Narrow Gauge operations at 11 ties per nominal straight section (12 inches or 30.5 cms) and the rails are solid brass complete with ready-inserted screws in the rail joiners similar to Aristo-craft. This latest Bachmann upgrade after so many years of supplying only steel-alloy track is a major enhancement and to my mind seems to be part of a general movement towards greater accuracy to complement the company's 1:20.3 Spectrum offerings and move away from their historical "toy train" image.

The video clip below courtesy of YouTube and Large Scale Online (courtesy of tells you just about all you need to know: