G GAUGE TRACK SUPPLIER - LGB                             

LGB Track System                                                                        

The well-known LGB Track System was, and probably still remains, the G Gauge track that sets the standard to which competing suppliers need to aspire to.  Unfortunately in recent times it has become increasingly difficult to obtain (in some cases realising prices on Ebay in excess of the RRP) and in common with other brands is more expensive due to the rise in the cost of raw materials.

The company's largely unsuccessful foray into producing stainless steel versions of their popular brass sections probably contributed to LGB's financial problems and the market leader still appears to have a precarious future under Marklin stewardship.

The LGB system is comprehensive with well over 30 sections including around 7 straights from 41mm up to 1200mm in length and curved track in four different radii from 600mm - R1; 780mm - R2; 1195mm - R3 and 2320mm - R5 (not sure what happened to R4!).

LGB track does have a reputation for oxidising quite quickly so if you prefer to lose the initial shiny appearance quickly this could be a benefit. However, you will need to clean the rail head with a suitable mild abrasive block at regular intervals to preserve the best running characteristics.

The small radius R1 600m radius sections are useful for fitting a lot of track into a small space and for building stations and goods sidings (freight yards). However, trains will look infinitely better and running will be improved on wider radius curves. Indeed some recent locomotive releases will not negotiate a long stretch of R1 curves so experienced layout builders will tend to prefer R2 and R3 whilst extra-large radius R5 sections are ideal for creating sweeping high-speed curves for operating long trains comprising American 4-axle Passenger Cars (especially Amtrak Cars) or equivalent European rakes such as the Rhätische Bahn "Glacier Express".

However, LGB has failed to keep pace with the growing demand for extra-wide fixed radii curved track currently being met by such firms as Aristo-craft who offer up to 20' diameter curves.