Aristo-craft market an impressive assortment of pre-formed track sections in no less than 3 materials (brass, stainless steel and nickel-silver); USA Standard Mainline and Narrow Gauge sleeper variants and no less than 15 radii up to a massive 20' diameter. It is probably the most comprehensive range offered by any manufacturer and a good choice for ambitious layouts where flexible track is not the preferred solution.


Aristo-Craft's brass rail has a very high percentage of copper ensuring that conductivity of Aristo-Craft Track is superlative. Their brass rail also features a very low percentage of lead, greatly inhibiting oxidation. Oxidation is the main cause of "browning" in brass rail which lowers conductivity, requires constant cleaning, and detracts form the appearance of the rail. 



Instead of being hollow, the rail in Aristo-Craft Track is solid for strength and performance. Aristo-Craft Track can endure the heaviest of locomotives plus trampling by your neighbors' kids with the greatest of ease and still perform like new! The plastic ties in Aristo-Craft Track are made from a high grade P.P. plastic for durability and quality. An ultra-violet protectant stabilizer is supplied by a major U.S. chemical company who also analyzed Aristo-craft's tie material to guarantee that the percentage of U.V. additive was correct.