LLAGAS CREEK RAILWAY (www.llagas.com)

Llagas Creek flex track is designed to look just like US prototype trackage. All tie strips are complete with cast in place tie plates, cast spike heads, and very realistic wood grain. Their track is claimed to be unique in that they offer realistically sized Code 250 or 215 rail although competitors might contest this assertion. Suffice it to say that in actual use for 12 years, they have found that this "scale sized" rail is just as reliable on garden railways as the larger rail of other manufacturers. In fact Code 250 rail is only 0.082 (82 thousandths of an inch) smaller than Code 332.

The U.S. made Code 215 and 250 narrow base rails are both made of super strong 6061-T6 aluminium alloy which is close to mild steel in tensile strength. Nickel silver versions are also available. Careful design has ensured that all tie strips provide plenty of flange clearance for reliable operation with all currently manufactured Gauge 1 trains; Aristo Craft, Aster, Bachmann, LGB, etc. Tie strips are moulded in modern UV resistant plastic that is weatherproof in blazing Florida sun or freezing Alaska cold!